Need More Details??


Mocean plays host to some of the coolest and hottest events this side of the Eastern Coast!
Boasting a year-round calendar of day time tournaments, sunset parties & starlit events, Mocean mingles foam & turf with great music that will put hip-hop in your flip-flops!
Refreshments and snacks are always around the corner: forget your sunglasses on & get ready for some Mocean Magic!

Our events include sports specials, theme parties & special nights with live DJs & bands: stay tuned!

Vows & Bow-Ties

Duzzle your guests with a star-studded sky, & let the sea breeze brush your cheeks to a radiant glow…
From the cozily romantic to the purely chic, Mocean will take care of your formal events whatever your taste requires & your heart desires!
Inquire about our formal packages for your engagement, wedding, annual corporate event or high-end dinner.
Our green grounds, shimmering seascape & picturesque settings provide the perfect backdrop to cherished memories, turning your event into a truly beautiful Mocean picture!

Funny Side Up

Mocean offers all sorts of high-octane packages for your party celebrations & gatherings between friends!

Turning 30? No need for worry-lines: treat your friends to a theme birthday party that they will still be talking about at 60!
Recently crowned Best Man or Maid of Honor? Give your bachelor or bachelorette a last chance to be ridiculously silly before they tie the old ball & chain: try not to drive them too hard though… Don’t forget that your turn will come.